What if the only thing "wrong" is that you've fallen asleep (so to speak) to your true identity and true capacity?

I've been on a spiritual quest for 27 years, in my early 20's, I had already begun to discover that there was no lasting fulfillment in achieving and accomplishing in the world. I had a hunger in me, for Self Realization, spiritual awakening, conscious living, to awaken to a deeper and broader view of a personal relationship with God, the world, myself and others. I have an MA in Spiritual Psychology and over 20 years experience guiding and mentoring those on the path of healing and spiritual awakening . I've studied with and been mentored by many awakening teachers, attended many sacred ceremonies and offering integration and recovery coaching to help people discover their inner light, find healing from addictions and past trauma, and learn self care and self love to experience real freedom. 

My spiritual path led me on the journey of unschooling my two sons (ages 13 & 16) for the past 11 years and mentoring and coaching parents who want a heart centered conscious connection with their children that is based on respect, honoring, unconditional love and a deep Soul connection with themselves, with each each other and with their children.   

JoAnne Rees Ehlinger

The energy of Creation Itself flows through you, it's beating your heart, cleaning your blood, digesting your food, eliminating and secreting hormones, communicating with your nervous system and a hundreds more things. The body you are currently abiding in is very intelligent and always communicating with you, your job is to tune in, listen and receive the communication. Take very good care of the body, respect it and listen to the guidance within and follow it, keep the flow moving with breath, exercise (yoga) and good nutrition. Your body is a healing machine and will tell you what it needs, tune in. You are connected to the intelligence that governs the universe, listen to the earth, her children, her animals and respond intelligently.

What if the only thing there is to "do" about whatever is presenting itself as a problem in your life is to "relax back into a more expanded awareness and  to wake up and remember that you are not your story, you are not the character in the movie, you are what is aware of it all. 

Remember What You Are

You are the love that you're looking for..  love is the medicine that will heal and transform whatever is arising.. when you stumble and fall and things don't go the way you'd hoped, you can learn to meet the anger, disappointment, fear, hurt, despair, with love, meet it with tenderness, with compassion. Love it all home!

When you get quiet and tune inward, can you hear the still small voice whispering in your ear... remember remember remember what you are! Remember your Source, your essence, the intelligence that created and sustains you, the source of all of life, nature, creation.. you are that!