Dear friend, 

You may be feeling like something major needs to shift in your life, you’re searching for clarity, direction, answers and greater fulfillment. Something in your life is causing you suffering, you are struggling in some area of life, health, relationships, career, parenting, or perhaps outside stuff is ok, but inside you hurt. 

You may be questioning what am I missing, why am I struggling so, why is this so hard, I’m tired of feeling so unfulfilled. What seems clear is that what your doing is not working, you often feel stressed, stuck, alone, and are experiencing a sense that something is terribly wrong!

I know what you’re feeling and I can help. 

You may have moments of hope or satisfaction, but they are often followed up with surges of doubt, fear, insecurity and pain. This is good news, this is the wake up call. We grow when we are pushed, when we suffer, but we don't do it alone, we often need guidance and support. 

We have been programmed for our whole lives that happiness is about getting our ducks in order, get the degree, the job, the house, the relationship, then you’ll be happy. Our whole culture is constantly sending us messages that we need this _______ and then we’ll be happy. This is the big lie, that we are not whole, complete and perfect already and we need to go do this, get this and once we do do do do do then external success, achieving, accomplishment and acquiring will bring us peace. 

I know all about this, in fact I’ve had this exact experience many many times, it’s called hitting bottom, a personal crash, what you’re doing is not working, and trying harder makes it worse. I’ve had these bottoming out experiences many times in my life and I can help guide you out of yours. 

Two years ago, I found my perfect job, it was my great passion, a perfect use of many of my skills, I adored the clients I served, I was really good at it, and about 10 months later the job went away. I was devastated. A few months later a wonderful relationship ended and this screaming internal dialogue went full throttle "Holy shit, what is happening", my core trauma got triggered, deep inner wounds came to the surface and it was so painful. 

I woke up every day, feeling intense pressure (the voices in my head were so critical and harsh) I was trying to hold it together, I had children depending on me, but no matter what I tried things kept unraveling. I had some awareness that what I was doing wasn’t working, that something that wasn't in alignment with my Soul, but I wasn’t clear about what to do. 

My thoughts were critical of the choices I'd made, and fearful about how things were going (or not going). My confidence and morale plummeted, and I was imagining the worst. The situation was the opposite of what I wanted, and was in a downward spiral.

Then it all became a self-fulfilling prophecy. I kept trying to tape and paste things back together but I found no lasting peace. It was a very, very dark time. :(

I was doing spiritual work during this time, I was reaching out for help, I was willing, but I didn’t realize that the reason I was so afraid was that I was depending on me, the little me, I couldn’t seem to connect to my Source, I couldn’t seem to feel the presence of God, at least for more than an instant, because the voices in my head were so loud and my core trauma was ACTIVATED!

My friend calls it a "trauma bubble", and when we’re in it, we’re not gonna get ourselves out, we need help, serious help, it’s self centered fear, self reliance that’s buried deep in the tissues of the body, and until we pull that toxic conditioning out, it’s running us. This is the cause of suffering, addiction, this creates dis ease of all kinds, it’s a cancer ( a me me me cell that creates chaos), a mental illness that drives us insane and again - it’s a wake up call. What doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger, but only when you fall to your knees and surrender. Healing requires opening to the pain and learning to meet it in the body and bringing love to the wounds. 

If you are ready to commit yourself to finding healing within, by surrendering to a practice of loving and opening to "what is", dropping the resistance that's causing suffering, I’m here to help and share with you, the essential tools to find freedom and peace. 

You may be looking for a guide to lead you to your own "inner knowing” to assist you in connecting to your GPS that provides guidance and direction for the journey HOME to your true self. 

Love, Honor & Cherish - Essential Tools for Awakened Living - 10 Week Course

A Heart Centered step by step guide to bring Presence to your life, healing to your body, mind & spirit and allow your joyful heart to be your guide on The Journey of life.

This course offers a unique opportunity to:

• Be supported by a daily practice of loving, honoring and cherishing yourself to heal inner wounds with nurturing and tenderness.
• Bring clarity & resolve to limiting beliefs and self defeating behaviors.
• Uncover new capacities for creativity, passion, purpose, nurturing and love.

Through direct coaching and somatic inquiry process, weekly readings, listening and writing assignments, meditation, & self healing exercises, The Journey of Awakened Living course will help you -

• Connect with higher awareness, access greater joy and true freedom.
• Unravel unconscious beliefs that cause suffering and open to truth, clarity and contentment.
• Identifying & release resistance in the energetic body thats keeping you stuck and suffering.

This course will take you on a journey of Self Love & Self nurturing to bring awareness that will transform your life, deepen your relationships, and open you to your highest potential.

• Unravel beliefs that create separation, lack & limitation. 
• Discover the perceptions & stories that create suffering.
• Release perspectives not in alignment with "what is"
• Find the peace that always is and learn to relax into the flow 
• Embrace self acceptance, forgiveness and love NOW
• Shift from judging others into noticing differences.
• Awaken to your essential compassionate nature that will transform your relationships and guide you to seeing the world with fresh eyes.

What you’ll learn in this course -

- Tools to stop getting hijacked by your emotions & creating damage in your relationships by your reactions 
- Keys to understanding addictive behaviors and what you can do to 
- How to shift from fear to trusting in life and be guided by your own “inner knowing”. 
- Techniques to enjoy the present moment and stop reacting from the past and worrying about the future. 
- How to end the cycle of negative self talk, judgement, criticism and self neglect. 
- How to deeply love, nurture and heal the wounded parts of you that are sabotaging your life. 
- Practices to experience being, instead of constantly doing, worrying and believing the stories in the thoughts.

Benefits of the Course - 
-reduce stress & anxiety
-access intuition, clarity, inner stillness, and an "always present" well being. 
-release toxic hurts, open to forgiveness in your body and step into greater joy.
-create a new capacity within to love yourself, enjoy life and discover "a new you" in each moment. 
-see yourself as your own best friend, discover new ways to appreciate yourself and be good to you!

Your Investment of $999 includes..

- A lesson each week introducing one of the essential tools of Awakened living - guiding you deep into your healing journey with links to inspired teachings, readings, movement, music and writing suggestions.  

- 1 private weekly call each week (60-75 min) with me, learning self inquiry & going within - a somatic inquiry journey. 

- Step by step guidance to find your inner healer to clear past pain from the physical, mental & emotional body and open you to empowerment & joy! 

This course is for you is you are looking to ..

-shift from confusion to clarity, from suffering to well-being, and from lack to fulfillment.
-get grounded in the body, find your inner healer and step out of the negative thought stream where our insanity lives. 
-orient from the inside out, to feel and experience a greater truth of you rather than believing that you are your thoughts.
-release tension & shatter the illusion that you are separate or somehow cut off from your inner guide.
-reconnect to the true voice within that guides us moment by moment toward fulfillment, purpose and healing. 

Your journey begins now by sending a PayPal payment to, you’ll receive your first weeks assignment and we’ll schedule your first private coaching call.

**10 week program also available at $499 investment with 5 private coaching calls (1 every other week).