Why we are Here

We are here to be of benefit, to ourselves and others, to contribute, to share, to love and enjoy our experience and each other. We are here to experience everything and in doing so we expand our awareness of what we are and our capacity to express more of what are grows, this is our evolutionary nature. 

Developing a daily spiritual practice of remembering


What We Are

We are life itself, the Source and the expression. We are divine beings, having a human experience. Our humanity and experience in the body is a profound gift, to be enjoyed and cherished, not to be overcome or  dismissed.

The key is to have our awareness directed to both of these realities, our true nature, our essence that is eternal and infinite AND to our human experience, that which is always shifting and changing. We are both the infinite and the finite and both are to be acknowledged and appreciated.

Awareness itself is what is aware of everything, you are this awareness and you can direct your awareness on what you want to be more aware of, what you want to experience more of, what you want to call into your life. 

This awareness is what connects you to all of life, you are not separate from life, others, nature. When you simply relax and feel your connectedness to all of life, perception opens up and there is a greater access to clarity, truth and wisdom.